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Florence Hypnotherapy Products, Self Hypnosis Products and Relaxation Techniques Products

Destiny 77 Florence Hypnotherapy Products, Self Hypnosis Products and Relaxation Techniques Products


“Anxiety of the future, hinders the productivity of the present, adversely changing the preferred outcome of the future”. Mark Alexander

The cost of stress to you and or your Organization and what you should be doing about it. A Global Stress Epidemic The World Health Organization calls stress “the health epidemic of the 21st Century.” Global economic, environmental, and safety concerns abound, coupled with everyday financial, career, care-giving, relationship, and health worries. Add to this today’s “24/7 always on” lifestyle that increasingly blurs work and leisure time and you have the key ingredients for a stress epidemic at every rung of the economic spectrum. The human body’s stress response system evolved for short-lived, intense “fight or flight situations.” In these situations the adrenal glands release stress hormones such as adrenaline, cortisol, and norepinephrine to help you cope with the threat at hand. This stress response gives you quick access to energy to move and think rapidly. But, experiencing elevated stress levels on a chronic basis wears down your body and your brain. It’s much like flooring the gas pedal with your car in park. If you do it for a prolonged period, something in your engine will break. – Adam Perlman, M.D, Chief Medical Officer, equilibrium Fast forward to today and while most of us do not face the life-threatening circumstances of our distant ancestors, a majority of us do experience persistent, low-level stress at the least, with intermittent bursts of high-level stress. The overabundance of hormones produced by this ongoing stress state will ultimately cause problems with your mental and physical health. Prime Sources of Stress:
  • 71% Money
  • 69% Work
  • 55% Family
  • 51% Relationships
Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis and Relaxation Techniques are known methods proven to aid in these areas. Feel free to browse our product area, you will even find free products to help you get the feel of what you’re looking for. We love you’re testimonials feel free say a few good words to help us continue to help you the best way possible.
  • For those of you with a Biblical background with the question, what is hypnosis… Hypnosis is, quite simply, different levels of consciousness we all go in and out of every single day of our lives. If you have ever played your radio while driving your car, you’ve experienced hypnosis. Different levels of consciousness is our brain working to keep us safe in a bad or frightening situation, its what helps us deal with stress, it helps us sleep and recover and allow our body heal it self the way we were created to do. Self induced hypnosis it simply meditation, how deep you can go comes trail and error and from knowledge and learning. This may sound a bit generic but never the less meditation, relaxation and just simply slowing down a notch is a healthy Biblical aspect. What would happen if a dangerous tiger escaped from the zoo, jumped out of the bush ahead of you? What if you just stood there thinking nice kitty? Not good, what would really happen is your brain would instantly go into a hyper-sensitive state, incredibly and highly alert which would be needed to save your life. What if on the other hand you were in that state all the time, the stress would inedible destroy your health and even cost you your live you. You see we all go in and out of hypnosis, it is simply different levels of consciousness. I want you to know we need only to understand and learn to work it on our favor to live less stressful, happier, healthier and far more productive lives. You can begin to do this today. Suppose you give it a try. Mark Alexander